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Why I started blogging?

Why I started blogging?
Why do people start blogging? My first guess is that they want to share their knowledge, experience, and opinions with others. Read more…

Sophisticate your marketing

Worthy to trust
We are used to changes and they have a growing impact on our personal lives. We experience a higher speed and bigger blow imposed on us. Many changes are happening parallel at the same time. Digitization, political unrest and massive redundancies, just to picture a few of these. Read more…

Be worthy to trust

Worthy to trust
For centuries people bought from people they knew and were in their immediate surroundings. Before the last century this changed, when the traveling salesmen appeared. Some of them were never coming back or were untraceable. Read more…

Outbound – Inbound Marketing

Outbound - Inbound Marketing
Modern international marketing is difficult to follow for these traditionally anchored industrialists. This story may be a bit exaggerated but illustrates that industry is still running behind general marketing’s practices and should be alerted. Read more…

Focus on Indian Industry

Focus on India Vikas Painting | KommaNet
In the last thirty years, I have coached hundreds of Indian manufacturers in the mechanical engineering sector and closely witnessed their improvements, against all odds. Read more…

Innovation in India

The word ‘innovation’ has a close resemblance to the word ‘Invention’, but why? The answer lies in the fact that, in technology, very few inventions are being turned out nowadays. Invention requires huge investments, long-term commitments and daring, bright and/or adventurous people. So some decades ago we more or less replaced this word with something that we thought would remind us of it. Read more…..

Be in the News

Are you still observing the latest trade magazines and industrial online portals? Or have you lost interest when it comes to staying on top of your sector of the industry? Which efforts are you making to be included in the news? And then, what kind of results are your efforts yielding? Read more……

Your buyers are sourcing without you

Ever asked yourself where buyers are hiding nowadays? You notice fewer visitors at exhibitions. Advertising has lost its sparkle; subscriptions to magazines are decreasing. Traditional promoters are all struggling and turning out every kind of incentive to keep their clients interested. Read more…

The how and why of exhibitions

A potential buyer’s visit to your website is almost as valuable as their visit to your stall at an international exhibition. While an exhibition visit can cost upwards of € 300, browsing your site is free of charge. Read more…


India is not recognised as an industrialised nation

Blogs on India
Few people have witnessed the steady industrial development in India over the last decades. I traveled the whole country four times a year; year-in-year-out. So, I was one of the few people to find themselves in the middle of these aspiring industrialists, and there long enough to see magnificent improvements. Initially, there was no drive or Read more…


China versus India

Blogs india
Undoubtedly, Chinese industry has made a strong, worldwide impact in the last decennium. Many buyers were attracted by the extremely low prices and growing goods quality. However, operations were very difficult initially. That triggered many importers to set up their own purchasing department in China, to ease communications and Read more…

Never seen so many pumps together

I thought my country, Holland, was a water-pumping country. However, after traveling more extensively, I now know better…..much better.
It is true that, in the Low-Lands near the North Sea, some people close by Rotterdam live six meters below sea level. If we do not pump continuously six million people will drown. Read more…..


Huge Indian forging capacity

On one of my first business trips to India, more than twenty years ago, I remember visiting a few open die forgers in the country. They were trying to forge rough rings with a steam hammer and twenty people around to assist or wait for the machine operators. These times are long forgotten, although it still happens in some places. Read more…



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