KommaGlobal – Global Marketing Office for Manufacturers in Engineering Industry

At present, we are engaged in a new business concept. We are now acting as the global marketing office for several companies with limited professional export follow-up and research capacities.

For this we have employed regional account managers with a proven success record. Each of these specialize in sales and marketing management in the mechanical and process engineering industry. These managers represent our company and act as the export agents of our clients.

The account managers spend many hours in creating and maintaining personal contact with existing and potential buyers around the world. This is a typical person to person (P2P) focused approach.

This method is typical for the Dutch with centuries of long trading history and best communication abilities. They will strive in this innovative business approach and set new standards in the industry. Small as we are, please observe that the Netherlands is the fifth largest exporter in the world.

Our new account managers will be assisted by a matured team of consultants with over thirty years of global experience. And much more: our specialization in engineering related marketing is supported by exclusive databases of key-people in this sector. This is backed by our carefully maintained LinkedIn audience of more than 21,800 followers around the world.

Our own web-directory www.kommatrade.com is another invaluable marketing channel worth mentioning.


Attention Mr Peter van der Sman

Email: info@kommatrade.com

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