Sourcing from India is on the Rise

Dealing with Indian industry for the past thirty years, we have noticed an upswing in the interest of western entrepreneurs for this sourcing location. For years India was not regarded as one of the major supplying countries. That was caused by poorly executed export services leaving bad impression. However, since then, things have changed dramatically. Recent internal system changes have made the country much more attractive for international business relations.

We have guided companies through quality and standards adaptations and appealed to their intelligence for success in exports. For our Indian clients this is now paying off.

One of the major benefits is that all Indian businessmen speak rather good English, enabling proper communications for complex technical issues. Another benefit is in the extra production capacity that almost all have built in the last decennium.

With the new government regulations in place, India is now emerging as the best and versatile outsourcing destination.

What is so attractive? Prosperity in India is on the rise and a big market is developing with large number of consumers. You, as a player in this industry, can tap into the export opportunities of this vast sub-continent.

Through practical experience in foreign markets Indian businessmen have learned how to professionalise and be at par with the critical business aspects. The possibility of doing business with India has increased.

These are just a few of the observations I would like to share with you.

With our specialisation in mechanical and process engineering business, my team strongly gives you the advice to take an interest and tap the fast-developing Indian market.

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