About us

We are a team of engineers, all with an international marketing experience. Supported by young researchers and digital specialists, we form a group of dedicated specialists to serve our clients. The multi-functional and multi-lingual structure enables us to operate across borders and disciplines.

As consultants in mechanical and process engineering for over 40 years, we have gathered valuable insights and information in the sector. This experience is now available to you through our services.

Our mission is to serve you the best we can by presenting you with valuable insights achieved through in-depth market research.

Our company and websites are the right tools that can help you evaluate possibilities and broaden your reach to new markets. Thus, you are invited to use the valuable information we have about industry candidates worldwide.

Here you can find companies of all sizes and range for reliable business collaborations, takeover, merger and global outsourcing. This site is primarily intended for parties in search of business associates and other possibilities in the mechanical and process engineering industry.

For the interest of our clients we have developed the following methods and procedures:

➠ Your company and product profile are scanned and studied by our experienced engineers

➠ Our team is mobilized to select business candidates based on your request parameters

➠ The prospects are presented to the client for refining the search

➠ The candidate search is repeated several times

➠ Potential candidates are contacted on behalf of you

➠ Appointments with interested candidates are arranged for you

You will benefit from the acquired expertise, contacts, procedures and databases developed to conduct the acquisition project. For our full range of activities, see our Services page.