KommaGlobal – Global Marketing Office for Manufacturers in Engineering industry

Recently we have started a new activity. We are now acting as the global marketing office for several companies, whose professional follow-up and research capacities were insufficient.



Your forty year experienced international trade advisor for the Mechanical and Process engineering industry

I am proud to announce that thanks to my diligent team, we have managed to create a dynamic engineering-trade community on LinkedIn.

Well over 18.500 carefully selected individuals ranging from engineering specialist, strategic purchaser to sourcing manager and managing director are now following us.


How to “take” India to the export “playground”?

The exports of engineered goods to developed markets is very limited

“Take” depicts a movement that needs someone to take the lead and “playground” refers to a place where you can obtain a lot of benefits, but competitive.


Sourcing from India is on the rise

Dealing with Indian industry for the past thirty years, we have noticed an upswing in the interest of smart people for this new sourcing location. For years India was not regarded as a serious supply country and that was caused by poorly prepared exporters, going for exports too early and leaving a bad impression.


We are Niche Marketing Specialists for your Engineered Products

With many years of global export experience in the mechanical engineering sector, we have advanced to the latest digital methods and implement the newest marketing procedures. Our engineers, researchers and digital experts form a close team to understand your wishes and guide you on the path to success with odd, highly specialised or rare products on offer.