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Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners

Clients in our community have the ambition to find a suitable partner for their mergers, acquisitions and alliance partners. Some are strong enough to consider an acquisition, looking for a participation or a joint-venture. Others are looking for an investor or a different form of co-operation. For each of them we apply our market knowledge and experience in a different way.
We search on the basis of technology, commerce and culture, which is a specific ability, typical for our team of engineers, marketers and researchers. We restrict ourselves to the aspects where we can add most value, the search and match, and leave the financial aspects to our M&A broker partners.

The following list gives you a random overview of present profiles in our portfolio, with a brief description, mentioning T/O(Turnover) and FTE(Full-time Employees)

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners Europe

Eastern Europe Aquisition

Reference: LP001
Owner of production and engineering company for cryogenic vessels and vacuum insulated transfer lines is looking for a successor. Located close to the EU with all the qualifications and approvals to conform to Directives. Presently planning to extend production capacity and export to Russian states.
25 FTE – T/O 1,5M €

Western Europe Alliance

Reference: RM005
Indian manufacturer of instrument fittings, valves and manifolds is looking for a joint-venture partner in Europe. Full range of stainless steel products is offered and can act as a subcontractor. Presently installing new CNC machines to extend their production capacity.
40 FTE – T/O 1M €

Europe Aquisition

Ref.: MM009
Marketing and service company is sought to be taken over by an Indian manufacturer of seals for rotating equipment. This Indian manufacturer is highly skilled and quality and customer satisfaction driven. Offer an attractive range of sophisticated products for the professional industry. Is a highly reliable manufacturer with a good reputation.
100 FTE – T/O 7M €

Southern Europe Alliance

Reference: SI017
Leading manufacturer of submersible pumps and slurry pumps for over three decades. This company has two manufacturing sites and is looking for a licensing agreement with a European entity. Overall available space is close to 4000 sq. m., company has CE approval and ISO 9000 certification. To start a cooperation, this company is able to activate their network of Indian distributors to sell European pumps.
90 FTE – T/O 2M €

South Europe Aquisition

Reference: MS020
Production automation machine manufacturer is for sale. Designs, Engineering and Facilities are available. Company has its own product to be further developed.
10 FTE – T/O 1,6M €

Northern Europe Aquisition

Reference: DW021
US-based manufacturer of sealing process components wants to diversify and utilize its global market coverage. They are looking for a take-over party with ambitions to grow.
50-100 FTE – T/O 10-20M €

Europe Alliance

Reference: DB022
Indian company of forged stainless and coated steel ferrule couplings is looking to associate with a European distribution company in hydraulic fittings. They offer a full range of tube fittings inclusive valves for mobile hydraulic use.
165 FTE – T/O 3M €

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners India

India Aquisition

Reference: DC002
Large pump and motor manufacturer is looking to acquire a European partner or distributor with marketing and after-sales service facilities. This group of companies has a broad range of products, capable and flexible enough of making specials to order. Fully EU directives and quality demands approved.
540 FTE – T/O 28M €

India Alliance

Reference: AP004
Manufacturer of pharma and bio processing equipment wants to appoint and associate with importers in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. Company is specialized in stainless steel production of process equipment and offers a wide range of equipment for batch-wise production.
80 FTE – T/O 5M €

India Alliance

Reference: DB006
Indian group in hydraulic components and systems is looking for marketing joint-venture partners in Europe and the US. Have a highly skilled management and workforce with extensive experience in fluid power. Group members manufacture tube fittings, valves, pumps, power packs and actuators for mobile equipment. Design and assemble complete electro-hydraulic installations.
150 FTE – T/O 45M €

India Alliance

Reference: AN007
Forging company in flow control equipment wants to find machining facilities to act as dealers and represent them. Have extensive experience and built warehouses worldwide to be close to their customers. Want to venture into forging more sophisticated materials for aerospace and medical applications.
150 FTE – T/O 8M €

India Acquisition

Reference: YM014
Manufacturer of pump shaft seals in Mumbai, dominant in marine sector is for sale. Owners are at retiring age and have no successor. Have developed their own wear resistant coatings for typical slurry applications. Over the years this company has built advanced technical skills. Have a good reputation and dense domestic distribution network.
57 FTE – T/O 1,5M €

India Alliance

Reference: SC015
Indian cold forging company is a specialist in production optimization in their sector. Their close customer focus has been developed as a result of their typical skills to achieve the optimum. The company is looking for partners in Europe targeting the automotive sector to form a joint-venture. Dynamic management attitude is their reason for success.
135 FTE – T/O 3M €

India Alliance

Reference: JM010
Cluster of mechatronica integrators is looking for international partners to exchange experience and make association agreements. The cluster is composed of Indian manufacturers in mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer controls. Member integrators have meanwhile successfully executed projects.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners Africa

North Africa Alliance

Reference: AT016
Company is looking for partners to venture into shade house building. They manufacture all kind of tubes to be used for the structures. Party is member of a group, able to set-up complete infrastructure and assemble on location. License or joint-venture is considered.

Egypt Alliance

Reference: SC011
Developer of wireless controlled crude oil dewatering system is looking for investors or license takers. Fully integrated multiple tank farms have been automated and are controlled from a distance. This versatile system brings huge savings in transportation cost and can be applied in various situations.
25 FTE – T/O 1M €


Reference: MJ019
Technical ceramics company is looking for a strategic and sustainable alliance, preferably with components manufacturers in Western Europe. High-tech product performances put this company at the top of their industry, with regards to innovation and driving technology to another level.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners Asia

South-East Asia Alliance

Ref.: GI012
Many of our clients have recently installed additional production capacity and are offering CNC machined subcontracting services in the metal sector. Many specialized foundries, forge shops and metal forming companies offer their services. These suppliers are all verified and our network agents have close relations to secure efficient production runs and timely deliveries.

Asia Alliance

Reference: SG013
Expanding CNC machining company is looking for reliable outsourcers to utilize their fully quality controlled production. The group also includes an aluminum gravity die casting unit. This dynamic group is headed by knowledgeable management with international export experience. The company is willing to associate with agents in different European countries.
100 FTE – T/O 5M €

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliance Partners Other

Mediterranean Alliance

Reference: NS018
Fabrication company, located on open water, has obtained all the approvals and certificates to execute all kinds of metal constructions or complete projects. They look for an EPC partner to fabricate pressure vessels or process equipment in license, targeting all countries in the Mediterranean region.
1050 FTE – T/O 30M €

Turkey Alliance

Reference: CA003
Well organized and managed hot steel products manufacturer wants to sell shares to finance expansion for doubling its production. Are able to realize this extension in 9 month’s time. European customers demand production increase from them. Are a healthy and quality driven enterprise with good perspectives.
127 FTE – T/O 9M €

Latin America/Russia-CIS Alliance

Ref.: PR008
Engineering trade consultants wanted for identifying and assisting distributors with their global imports. Wide range of mechanical engineering products offered through an online sourcing platform with qualified and verified exporters. Experience in international trade and communication skills are required.
10 FTE – T/O 1M €

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