The KommaNet organization offers you different services, but only and exclusively in the mechanical engineering industry. Because that is where we can make a difference and add value.

We provide:

► Matchmaking for companies seeking to expand their global reach through distributors, investment opportunities and business collaborations such as joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers or any other form of cooperation. You can see our full offering on the Matching Profiles page.

You will benefit from the acquired knowledge and experience of our team and the consultants in our global network. The systems we operate to identify, select and screen the ideal partner, have proven to lead to successful results. KommaNet provides value in technical, commercial and cultural aspects of the proposed deal, assuring a sustainable relationship.

For the financial aspects of a potential agreement with a candidate is handled by one of our carefully selected and reputed M&A brokers. They can make the right assessments and start the negotiations under our surveillance.

► Export training and support for companies with little to no experience or without an export/marketing structure, we offer export services, advice and local assistance as external export managers through our sister company

We possess a wealth of valuable and practical support on different aspects of international export management, all of which can be made available and customized to your typical situation.

► For promotion our unique web directory serves as a promotional and business generating platform for our clients. It functions as a network hub and portal to verified engineered product suppliers for visitors.