KommaNet is a company specialized in mergers, acquisitions and other commercial or technical cooperations with a long track record in international mechanical and process engineering . Our consultants have traveled all over the world to evaluate and audit companies for export viability. This gave them good insight into the various factors for success in business.

Over the years we have developed effective methods to search and select acquisition, investment and take-over candidates, based on technology, market situation, innovation level and cultural differences. These skills and experience are now deployed to judge and evaluate new successful cooperations.

We have developed effective methods and procedures to match companies:

➠ For mergers or close collaborations

➠ For acquisitions or take-overs

➠ For joint ventures on project or permanent basis

➠ With carefully selected partners.

Being engineers ourselves, we understand the products, production methods and the markets where our clients operate.

See our About Us page for the procedures we apply. All our Services are performed under strict confidentiality.